Your First Week At The U, As Explained by GIF’s

study 2 Justin Adams

So, you’ve graduated from high school, aced the ACT, gone through the excruciating college admissions process and you’re finally here! Your first week of college.


Unfortunately, college isn’t as cool as Community makes it out to be (still waiting on that inaugural U Paintball War).

Before classes start you’ll have to get to campus. If you live in on-campus housing, that’s no big deal. Just walk across Legacy Bridge. But if you made the mistake of living off campus and driving to school every day, prepare to languish in the purgatory that is Foothill Traffic™. Once you get through that, prepare to drive around campus looking for a parking spot for so long that eventually you miss your first class completely.


First thing you’ll learn about the U is that it’s on a hill. This will be you all week as you try to make it to class. (Unless you’re some kind of Olympic marathon hiker)


Don’t worry though. It will all be worth it at the end of the semester when you have calves of steel.


Your first class will probably be something like Math 1030, one of those General Education requirements that an adviser made you sign up for. As it turns out, everyone else has to sign up for it too, so your class will have about a 1,000 people in it and the classroom is basically this:


All those recruiting brochures that talked about professors that give you one-on-one attention… Yeah those are bull crap. You’ll be lucky if any teacher during your first semester even learns your name.

notice me

You’re not likely to make friends in your classes either, so if you don’t want to go through college without having any fun, then make sure you join a club or student organization.


Whatever you’re into, you’ll find people that share your interest.

Once you’ve settled in and gotten through your first week, there’s not a whole lot to look forward to. Aside from Fall Break, you have a long four years of headaches in front of you.

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Good luck out there!