Keeping summer tees relevant with three different styles

H&M Cargo Jacket Nicole Rodriguez

It can be dreadful when you love the summer and it’s over, but who says you can’t wear some of your summer clothes in the fall? Nobody, as long as you are bundled up for the chilly weather. Do you ever have those moments where you wake up for a class, put on your favorite short sleeve shirt since it’s your most comfortable piece of clothing, and find yourself realizing the temperatures are lower than a tee can protect you from? That can be a minor dilemma! Here are three fall outfit ideas to incorporate your favorite summer tee with to avoid it in future. Because yes–you can wear your t-shirts for fall or winter!


Outfit #1 Western Trend Inspired

Are you someone who can never have enough cardigans in your closet? This outfit is perfect for you! Pair your favorite summer tee with a cardigan of your liking and slip on some of your comfiest jeans. Guys can wear cardigans too! These pieces also make for a super comfy outfit to wear on a casual school day. When it comes to picking out shoes, find a pair of country-inspired boots for a more obvious western theme.

Knit Cardigan

H&M Ladies Knit Cardigan $24.99

H&M guys knit cardigan

H&M Guys Fine-Knit Cardigan $39.99

H&M super skinny low jeans

H&M Ladies Super Skinny Low Jeans $19.99

H&M Slim Low Jeans


H&M Guys Slim Low Jeans $29.99

H&M Warm Lined Suede Boots

H&M Ladies Warm Lined Suede Boots $69.99

H&M Suede Desert Boots

H&M Guys Suede Desert Boots $119



Outfit #2 Edgy Influence

Your favorite tee can also easily go underneath a navy, green or tan military jacket. The nice thing about a military jacket is that it usually has plenty of pockets — perfect if you’re the kind of person who needs someplace to put your phone or gum (and who doesn’t?). With pockets, you aren’t carrying everything in your backpack, making for easy access while simultaneously decluttering your bag. Functional and stylish in one! Ladies, you can pair your tee and jacket with a leather skirt and leggings to change up your look from your traditional, classic jeans. Guys, any dark wash jeans will do, as they add a great grungy feel to the look. To complete this particular outfit, add a pair of combat boots. The only minor downside to combat boots is lacing them up, which takes a bit of time, but they do give your outfit a bit more edge. A little edginess from the combat boots combined with a military jacket creates an outfit heavily influenced by the 90s.

H&M Lyocell Cargo Jacket

H&M Ladies Lyocell Cargo Jacket $39.99

H&M Cargo Jacket

H&M Guys Cargo Jacket $69.99

H&M Skirt with Lacing

H&M Ladies Skirt with Lacing $29.99

H&M Straight Regular Jeans

H&M Guys Straight Regular Jeans $19.99

H&M biker boots

H&M Ladies Biker Boots $39.99

H&M ankle boots

H&M Guys Ankle Boots $59.99



Outfit #3 Biker status 

For the third outfit idea, you can never go wrong with finishing off any look with a leather jacket. You can find leather jackets in almost any clothing store, as they are a classic staple to any wardrobe for guys and ladies. A leather jacket gives you a cool factor instantaneously and makes your whole outfit look put together, even if you’re wearing sweats. You’ve probably noticed a few celebrities pulling off the look, surprisingly, and so can you. What bottoms work better than sweats? A pair of motto jeans, as they fit within the biker theme from the leather jacket. Or a pair of ripped jeans will coordinate well too. Don’t forget a classic pair of Chelsea boots, since they slip on easily and style with almost any outfit.

H&M Biker Jacket

H&M Unisex biker jacket $69.99

H&M Skinny Ankle Biker Jeans


H&M Ladies Skinny Ankle Biker Jeans $29.99

H&M Skinny Low Ripped Jeans

H&M Guys Skinny Low Ripped Jeans $29.99

H&M Chelsea Boots

H&M Ladies Chelsea Boots $34.99

H&M Chelsea-style Boots

H&M Guys Chelsea-Style Boots $49.99


Overall, these outfits hopefully give you inspiration when it comes to wearing your favorite summer t-shirt. Also, there are multiple outfits you can create by layering your tee besides these three outfits. Don’t limit yourself too much with what you can wear and try new styles of clothing you might have never thought you would wear. Next time you’re rummaging through your wardrobe, remember that you can incorporate some of your summer clothing into the colder months. Just don’t forget to layer!

All photos credited to H&M.