Former mayor to discuss movie

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts will host a screening of the 1971 film “Punishment Park” as part of its continuing Desert Secrets Film and Discussion series today at 6 p.m., highlighted by a post-film discussion with human-rights activist and former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Films show life around the world

For lovers of cinema, being in Salt Lake City has its perks. Playing host to several movie festivals and enjoying a considerable trickle-down from the wildly popular Sundance Film Festival, Salt Lake City is a variable epicenter for independent film in the mountain west.

Everybody wants what they can?t have

I want a romantic comedy that is both funny and romantic, while avoiding altogether the obligatory stereotypes, the clichés and the predictable plot lines which have been recycled and reshaped for too many years. That’s all I want. Can’t I have that? Jason Todd Ipson’s film “Everybody Wants to Be Italian” makes a noteworthy attempt to give me what I know I can’t have, but ends up falling into the unavoidable trap of standard genre filmmaking.