K-UTE rises from the ashes

The direction that K-UTE has recently taken seems to encompass more of a lifestyle than just a way to play music and talk shit. The station plans to sponsor a safe sex campaign in the fall, hold an open mic day weekly at the Heritage Center for students to dish out praise or vitriol, and they even want to start an online television station.

Home on the range

By Chris Straight, Red Pulse Staff The campers next to us-with their University of Wyoming flag hanging proudly-spent the majority..

Best albums of the year so far

2008 is just past the halfway point and there have been hundreds of albums released already. Some have been good, some great and some downright terrible. The Drop is your guide to the albums the Red Pulse staff deems worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

Feeling like a student zombie? Take a breather, try some yoga

Yoga has been around for centuries and actually has been proven to help people build muscle tone and relax. The word itself means “union,” or “union of mind, body and spirit.” It literally brings the entire being into harmony, enabling practitioners to relax as well as exercise.

Pastoral pastimes abound at sheepdog comp

The Solider Hollow Classic is the world’s most prestigious sheepdog competition. Spread across four days, this invite-only competition showcases the skills of sheepdogs from more than 14 countries and five continents.

Chisholm combines music, comic art

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the genre or haven’t yet discovered the delight contained within the slim pages of a comic book, Let’s Go to Utah is definitely worth your time.