Students make predictions, reflect on presidential race

Michelle Obama flopped. Hillary Clinton excelled. Denver had great parties. St. Paul, Minn., had riots. The opinions of four U students who viewed firsthand the Democratic and Republican conventions couldn’t be more different, but the thing that surprised them most was how the Republicans came out on top.

Palin touts reforms, critizes Obama?s campaign

Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin spoke Wednesday night before an electrified audience at the Xcel Energy Center, centering her speech around her family, encouraging drilling for oil and criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Counter-conventions raise question of RNC unity

The Republican National Convention hasn’t included any talk of a historic roll call. Although there have been no pleads for party unity. Some delegates at the Republican National Convention are concerned that a lack of unity may be costly in November.

U College Republicans protest Obama in Denver

Loveless is with six other students representing the U College Republicans and is volunteering in Denver for the convention. The U students have been in Denver since Saturday helping the Colorado GOP by handing out flyers, stickers, posters and letting people know the student voice for McCain exists.

Young voters flock to Obama

Pollsters, pundits and the voting public seem to agree on at least one thing about this year’s presidential race&-among college students from coast to coast, there is something powerfully appealing about Sen. Barack Obama.